There are many places in the world, each of them having its own history with countless interesting stories offering unforgettable experiences. One of them is SEVNICA – a medium-sized town in the Posavje region with numerous natural features and rich cultural heritage.


The heart of the municipality are the old and the new part of Sevnica. A mighty castle towering above the old town is dreaming its centuries-old dream. A visit to its interior tells different stories of the old days and ends in the magnificent castle wine cellar for a taste of the Castle Blood, a wine for special occasions made from the grapes picked in the castle vineyard. An unforgettable experience is a stroll through the castle park and a visit to the Lutheran Cellar which the castle’s last owners used as their living quarters. The fairy-tale may continue in the present by visiting the new town centre where Melania Knavs, the wife of Donald Trump, grew up. You can see the block of flats where she lived as a child and the nearby primary school she attended. A little further away there is the family house, to which she, her parents and her sister moved when Melania was a teenager.

Sevnica is nested within bright forests, the river and babbling brooks and wine-growing hills, offering magnificent vistas. One of the most popular hiking destinations is Lisca (947 m – 3,106 ft.), from where it is possible to descend into the Sava River valley on foot or by a parachute glider. In the month of May, the gentian flower blooms at Lovrenc (722 m – 2,368 ft.), the region’s botanical pearl. The Malkovec natural amphitheatre in the Mirna River valley is a unique sight – vineyards planted on steep slopes form an admirable spectacle during all seasons.



A fascinating story from the distant past is Ajdovski Gradec (Ajdovski Castle) above the village of Vranje (8 km from Sevnica). Arranged as an archaeological park it is one of the biggest Old Christian sites in the Alps in the Danube Region and the most comprehensively researched settlement of its kind.


Situated along the longest Slovenian river, Sevnica offers numerous sports and recreational opportunities. An almost eight-kilometre-long promenade along the Sava River offers a pleasant walk and is also suitable for jogging enthusiasts. In the Mirna River valley, there are two walking routes which explore the history of the mining industry– the T’k Peacock and the Knapčeva Path. There are cycle lanes through the town centre and partly along the Sava River, as well as on mountain bike trails. Popular water sports include fishing and boating at the hydropower plant in Boštanj. One can take part in bowling or skittles competitions, visit the 24/7 fitness centre, be it indoors or outdoors…


One of the oldest events is Salamijada (a competition for the best home-made cured salami), held annually in the old town part on 10 March, the Forty Martyrs of Sebastes Day. The Modra frankinja (Blue Franconian) Festival – a wine festival, which is being held at the Sevnica Castle in June, is also becoming traditional. For over two decades the mountain running to the top of Lisca takes place on 2 May and the cycling ascent at the end of August. On the last Saturday in July, for nearly two decades a vintage cars race, the Malkovec Cup, has been organized. The Sevnica Castle Summer involves a series of events from June to September in the atrium of the castle offering music, theatre and dance.


A visit to Sevnica will be enriched by visiting the shop of its oldest factory producing high quality footwear for leisure time activities and in the outlet of the manufacturer of luxury underwear and swimwear. Both offer special discounts.


A day, filled with a variety of experiences can end at one of the nearby tourist farms or in one of the vineyard cottages in the surrounding hills. There are 18 restaurants offering food and drink and over 30 bars with a limited food offer. You can even try the Melania pancakes and the Melania cake.



Accommodation is available in any of the restaurants in the town or its immediate surroundings, as well as the hostel, located near the bus and train stations, on tourist farms and in vineyard cottages. The hotel in the town centre is currently being renovated.


Sevnica can be visited by own or public transport.


  • We are a local travel agency with a long tradition, based in Sevnica.
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  • We provide service in Slovene, English and German.
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